UX Design Leader
Communicating design rationale & value
Hands-on, multidisciplinary designer

Full Stack UX

Product Design experience end-to-end in the design lifecycle. Strategy, Research, Interaction, and Visual Design for mobile, web, or platform software.


Consulting startups and established businesses as independent designer since 2000, providing Strategy, UX Design, and Graphic Design.

Creative + Technical

Formally educated as both Graphic Designer and Mechanical Engineer with hands-on experience in both design environments.

Case Study: Yahoo!

image of Redesign of Brightroll by Yahoo DSP case study

Due to NDA, above image shows original ad platform

Ad Platform Redesign

Lead UX Designer  5/2016 – 8/2017

Until Verizon’s acquisition in June 2017, “BrightRoll DSP, by Yahoo!” was Yahoo’s Demand-Side Platform for running advertising campaigns, competing with the likes of Facebook Ads Manager, Google Ad Manager, and other platforms. Agencies and Brands from small to huge spent budgets buying impressions throughout the internet, and Brightroll offered exclusive access to Yahoo’s substantial amount of user data for audience targeting.

I was the first and most senior hire to a team dedicated to total redesign of the user experience, and lead design activities which included user research, workflow analysis, design sprint facilitation, information architecture and product navigation, wireframing, prototype testing, visual style, and beta app development. I was also point person for cross-functional strategic and work planning with Research, Product and Engineering teams.

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"...I would highly recommend and endorse him for any position that requires these skills and allows the freedom for his experience to shine through..."
— Jason Hodge, Sr Product Manager, BrightRoll (Yahoo!)
Case Study: VISA

image introducing Visa case study

Responsive Web, Android, iOS

Multi-Channel Platform

Senior UX Designer  5/2015 – 11/2015

Myself and three other UX and Visual designers created an app for VISA card holders, and a consistent experience across channels (Responsive Web, Android, iOS) that provided security and convenience features. VISA’s unique relationship to card issuers (i.e. major banks or small-town credit unions) required a flexible, a-la-carte solution and white label implementation to work with a variety of existing apps and needs. Phased product development, partner on-boarding, and different tiers of branded experience were aspects of this challenge.

The design team worked together to define user flows and UI, and user test prototypes with a 3rd-party agency. A key aspect of my role, specifically, was implementation of the design with the responsive web engineering team, and (following a prior false start) establishing a healthy working relationship and processes with that team.

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photo of Brian J. Sherman mentoring at UX Night

UX Mentor

After years of sitting in the audience, in January of 2015 I began mentoring attendees of Cascade SF UX Night, which included students and grads, career changers, startup founders, developers, and foreign professionals visiting San Francisco to learn about the tech scene. It's very interesting. I've also mentored through an internal Yahoo! program, and other opportunities.

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