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Video Ads Team

Excited to be joining Facebook's Video Ad platform team (contract) as UX Project Lead! It's a fantastic opportunity to experience Facebook's culture of respectful self expression, and improve the User Experience of Video advertising.


Goodbye Yahoo!

I really enjoyed my time on the Ads & Data UX team, leading re-design of the Demand-Side Platform (DSP) for programatic advertising. It was a great learning experience, and I'm proud of the work our team shipped during turbulent times.

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"...I would highly recommend and endorse him for any position that requires these skills and allows the freedom for his experience to shine through..."
— Jason Hodge, Sr Product Manager, BrightRoll (Yahoo!)
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UX Mentor

After years of sitting in the audience, in January of 2015 I began mentoring attendees of Cascade SF UX Night, which included students and grads, career changers, startup founders, developers, and foreign professionals visiting San Francisco to learn about the tech scene. It's very interesting. I've also mentored through an internal Yahoo! program, and other opportunities.


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m: 415.666.0666
San Francisco, California U.S.A.

User Experience + Visual Design + Product Design

Expert visual communicator – Formally educated as both Graphic Designer and Mechanical Engineer with hands-on experience in both design environments

Hands-on creative – Providing concept and design direction, user experience for web/mobile/software, graphic design for Information, Environment, Marketing, Strategy

Skillful project manager – Able to design, troubleshoot, or facilitate complex, creative work processes and improve workgroup communication

Graphic Design
  • Concept
  • Branding & Identity
  • Layout
  • Typography
  • Color
  • Photography
  • Museum Exhibitions
  • Sales & Trade Shows
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Presentations
Digital Design
  • Mobile, Web, Enterprise
  • UX Strategy
  • User Interaction
  • User Interface
  • Prototypes: HiFi & LoFi
  • User Research
  • Design Leadership
  • process
  • facilitation
  • mentoring

power user:
Sketch, Keynote, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Axure, Balsamiq, Dreamweaver
Bugzilla, Jira, Pivotal Tracker
AfterEffects & digital video basics, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Mac OS, MS Office, iPhone, iPad, Android, WordPress, Sublime Text


HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Web
JavaScript basics
Agile & XP processes


Offset printing, Screen printing
Letterpress, Bookmaking
Fine art Photography
Model-building & Prototyping
Fabrication & shop tools
Manufacturing processes


Facebook   Menlo Park, CA
4/2018 to 8/2018  Product Designer

App Monetization team, Advertiser surfaces; Design support to unblock engineering teams on critical projects; Brand Safety, Ads Manager UI, product enhancements

Yahoo!   Sunnyvale & San Francisco, CA
5/2016 to 8/2017  Senior User Experience Designer

Ads & Data UX Team; Lead Design of product redesign, Demand-Side Platform (DSP) for Programmatic Advertising; Established cross-team processes with Research, Product, Engineering in a fast-changing environment

Conducted user research, envisioned new workflows and information architecture, created wireframe prototypes, supported software development

Visa   San Francisco, CA
5/2015 to 11/2015  Sr. User Experience Designer

Digital Solutions Team; Designed white label, configurable, applications for financial institutions that provide card services for users on iOS, Android, and Responsive Web

Hands-on support of Product and Development teams, providing user experience perspective, Flow Diagrams, Interaction Design, and Visual Design

Sony  San Francisco, CA
12/2013 to 4/2015  Interaction Designer

Global Web Transformation team; Responsive, global website for marketing electronics products; Foresee Customer Satisfaction significant increases in Europe, Latin America and Brazil; Phased deployment in North America and Asia in 2015

Agile Development, Business Analytics, UX, Marketing team collaboration to create content, envision future digital initiatives, and document key program functions

Information architecture, page wireframes and strategic product storytelling to highlight key product benefits and stimulate customer journey

Championed specific site and system changes to improve site interaction, editorial content, foreign language translation, and customer experience

DesignMap   San Francisco, CA
9/2013 to 11/2013   Interaction Designer

Developed software user interfaces and user interaction models for client projects; Collaborated with studio founders, design team, clients

Ebates  San Francisco, CA
9/2011 to 5/2013  Design Manager

Rakuten, Inc. bought Ebates in Sept 2014 for $1 Billion. In 2013, 2.5 Million members spent over $2.2 Billion shopping through Ebates

Lead User Experience for new pages and features, re-design of User Account, Customer Service, Guided Help, About Us, and Browser Add-on

Managed design team (~5), established processes with other teams amidst fast growth and turnover; Produced design creative and editorial to support Product Design, Social Media, Email Marketing, Marketing Promotions, SEM, B2B Sales, Customer Support

Design and documentation to capture user interaction flow diagrams, page wireframes, visual layouts, web, mobile user experience; Supported Development team using Jira

Designed core business templates, style guidelines, marketing materials across multiple corporate properties

SFO Museum, San Francisco International Airport  San Francisco, CA
11/2004 to 4/2011  Executive Producer, Graphic Design

Provided hands-on visual design and video production for more than 20 annual exhibitions viewed by 39 Million visitors to San Francisco International Airport

Managed website content, posting more than 20 annual exhibitions using HTML, CSS; Managed site re-design and transition to CMS; Trained curatorial staff in content creation, archiving, use of imagery, use of templates, use of CMS

Supplied start-to-finish project management; Assembled and oversaw teams including print vendors, professional photographers and super-graphics installations; Coordinated with airport security and facilities teams; Managed technical procedures in the busy airport environment; Documented and archived exhibitions

Maintained department equipment inventory; Gained status as the go-to person for technical issues and new technology purchases; Cameras, computers, printers, etc.

Canterbury Press   Berkeley, CA
3/2001 to 8/2001  Customer Service Manager

Managed all customers from intake to delivery; Consulted with customers and technicians to provide the best services possible for high-resolution scanning and photo retouching, film output for offset printing, proofs, digital printing

Clarity Information Design  San Francisco, CA
8/2000 to present  Independent Designer

Demonstrating what “Design Thinking” and “User-Centered Design” actually mean; Clarifying problem definition; Balancing business priorities and user needs

Creating website content strategies, information architectures, user journey (flow) maps, wireframes, page layouts, user interactions, graphic assets, development team support

Designing logos, icon systems, posters, business and marketing materials

Select clients: Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners, IA Interior Architects, Leap Frog, Ebates, Santa Cruz Film Festival, Stone Yamashita Partners, Williams-Sonoma

Son Heavy Industries   San Francisco, CA
2/2000 to 9/2000  Web Designer

Created logos, identities, icon systems, website layouts, website front-end and promotions; Hand-coded HTML and JavaScript, optimized web graphics

Graphic Design & Arts Education  San Francisco, CA
9/1997 to 12/2001  Graduate studies, California College of the Arts
9/1999 to 2/2000  Internship with Primo Angeli, Inc.

Art and design fundamentals; Concept, Layout, Typography, film and art history

Experimented with motion graphics, digital video, photography, book forms, illustration, materials and 3-D objects; Conceptual development emphasis

Brainstormed new product names, logos, and packaging concepts; Created production-ready design files; Maintained project archives; Researched graphic landscape for client projects

University of California   Berkeley, CA
9/1997 to 9/1999  Administrative Assistant, Space Physics Research Group

Purchased equipment and materials to build and test satellite instruments; Edited research papers written by Physicists for publication in academic journals

Ford Motor Co.  Dearborn, MI
7/1995 to 8/1997  Design & Development Engineer

2/1996 to 8/1997  as Engineering Project Manager – Empowered engineers to correct systematic timing problems by achieving buy-in for project management tactics; Created detailed work plans and schedules for critical testing activities; Compiled information about federal and export requirements for ease of use; Developed tracking and reporting instruments

7/1995 to 2/1996  as Design & Development Engineer – Performed engineering tests on prototype vehicles in desert locations and wind tunnel test facilities; Reported on performance against targets; Recommended design changes


B. F. A. Graphic Design
12/2001  California College of the Arts, San Francisco, CA
B. S. Mechanical Engineering
6/1995  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI


Spanish Cultural Immersion
12/2015 to 3/2016  Adventure Travel, Mexico & Guatemala

Basic Spanish language immersion courses at Instituto Cultural Oaxaca; toured numerous archeological, cultural and artisanal sites throughout Mexico and Guatemala

About Me

Leading user-centered design from concept to deployment. Awesome communication skills. I envision, explore, & demonstrate.

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Product Design

I like to discover opportunities by talking with others about how to make the best possible. What is the reality of a situation? What is the ideal? I solve problems by gathering information, connecting ideas, and iterating solutions.

I've worked with large enterprises, medium-sized companies, small startups, and non-profits. I've worked as independent consultant, through agencies, and in-house. I'm a hands-on contributor using the latest design tools, provide UX strategy, issue management, and mentor other designers. I enjoy giving presentations, constructive feedback, and crafting communication that is concise, accurate, and clear.

I'm drawn to complex problems that take time to grasp, and concerned to execute details that serve the design, vision, and brand. I'm experienced working with Agile development teams, comfortable with planning and roadmaps, and have generated documentation ranging from Product Requirement Documents to Development Specs, from Vision Statements to Style Guides.

Design Origins

I've been helping computer geeks and product visionaries sort out ideas and build things since about 1984, while creating and (ahem) negotiating with friends around a pile of Legos. Growing up, I was always building remote-control airplanes, tearing apart my toys to see how they worked, or re-painting things to make them cooler.

In the shadow of the Motor City, many people I knew growing up were engineers or manufacturers – People who built and raced dragsters for fun, or homebrewed kegs of beer, or would start a maple syrup home business just because they had a great back yard full of trees.

My high school courses included Drawing, Drafting, Wood Shop, Metal Shop, Foundry, and Ceramics. At Michigan I studied Mechanical Engineering because – OMG Physics! – I wanted to make things, and for two years was a Design & Development Engineer at at Ford. Automotive engineering wasn't scratching my creative itch, so I studied art and design at California College of the Arts. Photography, typography, and screenprinting were favorite studio classes, and the Graphic Design faculty's emphasis on concept has proven to be a durable framework in the shifting sands of Silicon Valley.

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