Product Design

Ebates Browser Add-On

The Ebates Cash Back Browser Add-On or "App" worked in the background to insert cash back offer information into Google search results, present coupons, and activate Ebates Cash Back shopping while visiting merchant websites.

My Role
  • Worked with VP Product to design Add-On UX and UI
  • Designed Google search results information insertion
  • Worked with Product Manager to design launch assets
  • Designed high-res launch assets including Icons, Emails, Landing Pages, Confirmation/Tutorial Pages, and browser store marketing

Working with VP Product, defined Interaction, UI, and Visual Designs for the Add-On across Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Explorer browsers. Designed Email Offer, Landing Page, Installation Instructions, Confirmation, and FAQ pages, and assets to support Marketing in the browser stores.

  • Ebates portfolio image

Offer Email

Worked with the Product Manager to write copy and present key features and value offer of the Browser Add-On. Targeted email campaigns enrolled existing members to use of the Add-On.

  • Ebates portfolio image

Landing Page

Landing page for Chrome users, presenting key benefits with graphics showing the Chrome UI. I designed copy and assets for each of the four browsers.

  • Ebates portfolio image

Confirmation Page

Priorities for this page were: 1) Confirmation of successful installation, 2) Get users shopping, and 3) Give users basic understanding about he Add-On's features and operation.

  • Ebates portfolio image

Chrome Store Marketing

Created graphics and copy for Marketing in the stores for each browser, as available, in addition to Email Marketing and hosted installation.

Shown above, in the case of the Chrome Store, three different size Ad tiles were possible, chosen at Chrome's descretion.

Ebates Design Manager

As Design Manager, I wore every "design hat" at Ebates. These projects highlight some of the other aspects of this position.